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EMU "Cup of Nation Basketball" Tournament Completed

EMU "Cup of Nation Basketball" Tournament Completed
Published Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sports Affairs Directorate, the “Cup of Nation Basketball” tournament finished with the final matches that took place at the EMU Lala Mustafa Paşa Sports Complex. The tournament which commenced on the 28th November 2016 included 13 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams. Following the final matches the Nigeria women’s team and the TRNC men’s team became champions of the tournament.

The men’s final match took place between TRNC and Lebanon (25-15) and the match for third place was played between Palestine and Rwanda (27-21). In the men’s category TRNC came first, Lebanon second, Palestine third and Rwanda fourth. In the women’s category the final match was played between Nigeria and Turkey (13-12) and the match for the third place was between Palestine and TRNC (20-0). After the matches Nigeria finished first, Turkey second, Palestine third and TRNC fourth.

The fair-play award went to Nigeria in both the men’s category and the female category. Among individual athletes who received personal awards were Patrick Iradukonda (Rwanda) as slam and three point champion, Gloria Daniel Essein (Nigeria) as best female player, Hande Yuna (Turkey) as free throw champion, Alice Level (Palestine) as female scoring leader and Oktay Küri as male scoring leader.

Awards were presented to the winning teams by EMU Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Dr. M. Yaşar Özden, Students Affairs Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Derviş Subaşı and Sports Affairs Director Cemal Konnolu.

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