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EMU "Cup of Nations Basketball" Tournament Begins

EMU "Cup of Nations Basketball" Tournament Begins
Published Date: Thursday, 1 December 2016

Organized by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Sports Affairs Directorate the “Cup of Nation Basketball” tournament commenced at the Lala Mustafa Paşa Sports Complex with opening addresses followed by the Jordan – Palestine match at 5:00 pm on Monday, the 28th of November 2016.

In his opening address at the tournament opening ceremony, EMU Vice Rector for International Affairs and Promotion Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova, extended his best wishes to the students. Prof. Dr. Tanova highlighted the importance of sports in reinforcing the transnational friendships among individuals and wished them success in their matches.

This year’s tournament will continue until the 8th December 2016 at the EMU Lala Mustafa Paşa Sports Complex and will include 13 men’s and 8 women’s teams in two separate groups. Men’s Category Group A will be formed by four teams including Syria, TRNC, Lebanon and Turkey, Men’s Category Group B will be formed by Rwanda, Palestine and Jordan, Men’s Category Group C will be formed by Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Egypt and Men’s Category Group D will be formed by teams from Iran, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. As for the Women’s Category, teams from Palestine, Zimbabwe, Russia and TRNC will be playing in Group A, while Turkey, Syria, Iran and Nigeria will compete in group B.

On Monday, the 5th of December 2016 Men’s category matches Lebanon – Zimbabwe, Palestine – Iran, Cameroon – TRNC and Nigeria – Rwanda will be played. In the Women’s category, the matches TRNC – Nigeria and Turkey – Palestine will be played on Wednesday the 7th of December 2016.

Results of the matches which took place on the 28th of November 2016:

Jordan- Palestine: 12- 17 (men’s)
Russia – TRNC: 6-26 (women’s)
Zimbabwe- Cameroon: 16- 20 (men’s)
Turkey- Syria: 20- 0 (women’s)
Syria- TRNC: 11-26 (men’s)
Iran- Nigeria: 16 –29 (men’s)
Lebanon- Turkey: 20- 26 (men’s)

Results of the matches which took place on the 1st of December 2016:

Jordan – Rwanda: 17 – 19 (Men’s)
Syria – Lebanon: 16 – 43 (Men’s)
Turkey – TRNC: 12 – 15 (Men’s)
Turkey – Iran: 17 – 13 (Women’s)
Nigeria – Syria: 20 – 0 (Women’s)

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